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Geoborders is an independent Mobile Satellite Communications Provider established in 1995. It is now one of the leaders in different commercial sectors and have a wide variety of clients worldwide, including individual travellers, large corporations, aid agencies, shipping companies, government departments and the military.

Geoborders have HQ in London and distributes its product and services via wholesale and retail channels through its branches and partners.

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Piani tariffari Satellitari Prepagati ed Abbonamento

To choose the prepaid or subscription plan that's right for you, click on the satellite phone you have or want to buy, then the page will open with all the specifications of that phone and all the tariff plans that can be combined with it.
Surely you will find the right plan for your needs based on the area where you will use the phone or the type of traffic you need, but if you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us directly from the phone page and we will help you choose the most suitable rate plan for your needs!


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A continuación, puedes buscar en nuestra base de datos para el producto que usted necesita para comprar o tener el apoyo
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